Nicola Phillips is an expert in gender history, and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and Politics at Kingston University, she is also the Course Director of the History MA at Kingston. Nicola gained her PhD in history at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2001, and her first book was on women in business from 1700 to 1850. Her research focuses on eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century gender, work, family conflict, and criminal and civil law.

Nicola is an advocate of public history, with a particular interest in archives and family history. A co-founder of Kingston University’s Centre for the Historical Record, she is also a member of the National Archives User Advisory Group and the Historical Association’s Public History Committee, and has acted as a historical consultant for the National Trust, the Royal Mail, and Addidi Wealth Ltd. She has also contributed to radio and TV programmes on gender history.

Nicola lives with her husband, Jonathan Phillips (a fellow historian, author and broadcaster) and their children in Surrey, England.

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The Profligate Son

The Profligate Son is Nicola Phillips’ latest book. It is a dramatic and moving true story of the embattled relationship between a father and his precious only son in the early nineteenth century, which will have strong resonances for modern readers. It is also a family history – of ordinary people caught up in world events – whose descendants are still living today. Their story provides a vivid window onto the social and criminal history of the Regency period and the personal devastation that befell those who could not support an elegant lifestyle, which often resulted in disastrous debts, disease, and crime.

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The Profligate Son held me spellbound from start to finish

Adrian Tinniswood